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Blind/Low Vision Consumer Groups — Parents and Families in the NFB and the ACB

With summer nearly upon us, we invite you to join us as we explore the two largest blindness/low vision groups in the United States throughout the month of May. Regardless of whether you plan to participate in a convention this summer, we will cover the ins and outs of these organizations and how they can provide support to transition-age students.

In this fifth and final installment of our organization exploration, we share information about how parents and families of blind/low vision individuals can get involved in these organizations


Are you a parent or family member who is part of the support system of a person who is blind or has low vision? You can get involved, too! The parent and families groups within the NFB and ACB are great places to find out how to be supportive of blind/low vision people, and to engage in a community of peers and allies.

Maryland Organization of Parents of Blind Children

Garret Mooney serves as president of the Maryland Organization of Parents of Blind Children. In this interview, he shares information about what the Maryland Organization of Parents of Blind Children does and how to contact them.

ACB Families Affiliate

Due to scheduling complications, we were not able to find a convenient time to interview someone from ACB Families. This affiliate is very active and holds two conference calls every month via Zoom. These conference calls are open to anyone and you can learn more about their content and how to join the calls by visiting the ACB Families website:

You can contact the ACB Families president, Carla Ruschival, with any questions:

Contact us

Follow the Bridges Helpdesk Facebook page for more transition tips, and please contact the Free Helpdesk for Maryland Blind/Low Vision Transition Students, Families, and Educators anytime using:

This unique project is being coordinated through The IMAGE Center of Maryland, a center for independent living in Towson, and it is funded by a grant from the Maryland Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services.

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