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June 22 Newsletter Teen and Young Adult Programs

News from IMAGE Teen and Young Adult Programs June 2022HighlightsKeep Kids Connected Summer Campaign June is our time at IMAGE to promote our initiative to Keep Kids Connected over the summer months. Please continue to follow us on social media throughout the remainder of the month for updates to all of our teen and young adult program options, registrations and resource reminders!
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In-Person Programming Plan of Action
IMAGE VME LogoCOVID-19 Coronavirus & Contagious Virus In-Person Programming Plan of ActionTeen and Young Adult Service ProgramsUpdated for all teen and young adult in person programming through September 2022.
The IMAGE Center is acting to keep staff and consumers safe to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious viruses easily spread through our community. 
Here’s how we’re doing our part:
Follow our Leaders. We follow all State guidance related to education-based activities, including reopening actions and face covering requirements on the State of Maryland for reopening advisements and Governor’s ordersFlexible scheduling. In-person and virtual program options will remain available.Reduce contamination risk. Program materials will be sanitized prior to and after program use.
Before you join us in person, please: 
Monitor your health and interactions. Join us online instead if you have:Cough, shortness of breath, fever, or any other symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious viruses. Recent exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or other contagious viruses.Staff will perform temperature checks upon arrival. Students with a temperature of 100+ will not be permitted to participate and will need to provide a negative PCR COVID test to return to programming. Students with seasonal allergies should not attend programs if symptoms cannot be remedied with over the counter or prescribed medications. Students will not be permitted to participate if they exhibit symptoms. 
Prepare and pack. Bring a backpack with items you will need for the duration of the program including: water, a snack, beach towel, sunscreen and writing or communication device. 
Take precaution. Hand sanitation will be provided for check-in, transitions and check-out. 
Respect personal space. Activities will be designed with respect for social distancing and mindful spacing.
Talk about it. Please contact us at  if you have any questions or concerns.
Celebrating Fearless Moments
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Fearlessly You~
Calling all Students, Parents, Family Members, Service Providers and Care Givers! Do you have a fearless moment that you want to share? We love celebrating the accomplishments of our young consumers in every aspect of their lives, not just within our programs here at IMAGE. We want to hear from you! Message your fearless moment to Jessica Leone at and type “Fearless Moment” in the subject line. You might be featured in our next monthly newsletter.Here is to being FEARLESSLY you today!
Have a fearless moment to share? Email Jess Leone at
Upcoming Events
The Connect Program & Peer Mentorship
We are back and we missed you!
Join us for in-person sessions of Connect beginning in June!
Sessions will take place on the following dates with locations throughout the Baltimore County Community from 6-8pm. 
June 14th & 28th, July 19th, August 9th & 23rClick here to Register for Connect
IMAGE: We are back and we missed you!

Join us for in-person sessions of Connect beginning in June!
Sessions will take place on the following dates with locations throughout the Baltimore County Community from 6-8pm. 
June 14th & 28th, July 19th, August 9th & 23rd 
Space is extremally limited. Please consider registering today! 
Link is in the post. 
Connect Program Peer Mentors 
The Peer Mentorship program in collaboration with the IMAGE Connect program provides an opportunity for students to engage in leadership roles helping to assist peers in instructor-led activities and lessons. 


Have you Previously been a Connect Peer Mentor? Register today. Link is in the post.  
PreETS Training ProgramTwo hands shaking with inspirational words scribbled over top such as experience, ability, growth, training, skills. PreETS Self Awareness and Self Advocacy Training Program in collaboration with DORS
What does your child have planned this summer?

Join the IMAGE CenterFriday, July 22nd from 10-3pm at Harford Community Collegefor a day of self-advocacy, connections and fun. 

This free event will include self-awareness and self-advocacy curriculum-based activities, guest speakers, pizza lunch and hands on lessons designed to engage students in building connections with both themselves and their peers while on the HCC campus.  

IMPORTANT Registration requirements:Students must be referred by DORS to attend this training. Please see information below for training curriculum, eligibility and obtaining a referral. 
Already been referred by DORS and contacted by The IMAGE Center for this training?Click here to Register
REFERRED APPLICANTS ONLY! See below if your child has not yet been referred for this training.
IMAGE: Two hands in a hand shake with the words ” learning, knowledge, competence, training, skills, experience, ability, growth” surrounding them.

Self Awareness and Self Advocacy (SASA) Training is a collaborative partnership program between The IMAGE Center and The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). 

What benefit does this training provide? ● Empowerment for teens and young adults to explore skills of self awareness and self advocacy as they relate to either college preparation or vocational exploration. ● Information on disability disclosure, rights and accommodations related to college bound and career bound students. ● Personalized goal setting and skill building in relation to increased independent living. ● Student and family resources for all future outcomes. 

Who is eligible for this FREE training? students enrolled in a secondary school (including home school or other alternative secondary education program), post-secondary education program, or other recognized educational program and has not exited, graduated, or withdrawn; students at least 14 years old but less than age 22 students have a disability documented with an IEP, 504 plan, medical records, or a doctor’s note. 

To learn more about SASA training please contact: Jessica Leone, Director for Teen and Young Adult Services at The IMAGE Center 443-275-9396 or 

All registrants will need a direct referral from DORS to get started: 
Already connected with a DORS counselor? Contact your counselor directly and ask for a referral for the PreETS Training provided by The IMAGE Center. Not yet connected with DORS? Simply follow the link to request a referral. A case file for referral will be created for you and you should be contacted by DORS within 10 days.                   *Schools may seek permission from families to refer students directly* 
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