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Love, Sex and Disability: The Attraction Factor

For most High School students with disabilities life is very lonely. Far more than at any time in our lives, adolescents want to be accepted and liked. Unfortunately, the code for this is, “You need to be like everyone else.” … Continue reading

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ASK MIKE: Dealing With Inane Comments

From time to time we receive questions here at The IMAGE Center which we answer. Some of them are of such importance that we feel it necessary to publish them in our blog… Continue reading

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How to Get a Job: Part II

We received some great feedback for How to Get a Job: Part I. So without further ado, onto part II! During your discussion the person you are interviewing may speculate about how a person with a disability could do the … Continue reading

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How to Get a Job: Part I

There may be an unemployment rate of 70 percent among people with disabilities, but my observation over the years has been that some people always seem to be working while others struggle and often give up along the way. The people who are always working use some form of the process I’ve outlined in parts I and II of the following post. For them the unemployment rate is 0 percent because they have eliminated the less productive parts of the job search and concentrated their energies on those activities most likely to yield results. Continue reading

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