UMBC SUCCESS Students Assuming Multiple Roles for Learning

Two UMBC SUCCESS Students working together on a assignment. Pictured to the right UMBC SUCCESS student Chloe assumed the role of both student and teacher in todays lesson on healthy eating.

A large part of the IMAGE course on Independent Living this semester encourages students to further their learning of curriculum by not only retaining the information that is taught, but extending that learning through the teaching of others in the class.

Chloe’s peer Carin, also pictured above, was just one of several of our students diving deeper into course curriculum today utilizing the knowledge of their peers to help them further their understanding of lesson material.

Kick off for the fall program: by Karissa Phillips

We had so much fun!         I’m involved in the Harford county teen connect Image program .We have lots of fun together. We usually meet every other week and plan an outing for our group. I am so glad to be a part of this group because it helps me gain confidence in my disability knowing that I’m not alone . Sometimes I struggle with not being able to do things that my other peers who don’t have a disability are doing this group has taught me that even with my disability I can still enjoy those things I just may do them differently.

Here is a picture of some of the teens at our favorite pizza spot. We had fun planning our trip to Party City where we are going to try out some Halloween costumes and then go to Yogo-crazy for our end of the month trip. We planned this trip as a group then we had some yummy pizza!! Being a part of Image is the best thing I’ve done.

Hi I’m Karissa

I’m 17 years old and I have CP which is caused by Brian Damage at birth. I’ve been with Image since the beginning it has taught me a lot and i’m so glad to work for them!  What I like to do is take photos of people mainly of kids, visit family members, listen to music and be with children! I have a very normal life despite my disability! My goal is to inspire you with each post.

In the picture is Me and  my cousin Camryn