How can we make technology easier to use for people with disabilities by Karissa Phillips

Technology is amazing these days! But for some people who have disabilities It can sometimes be a challenge to use. Take me for example it’s hard for me to use small things however does that stop me from doing what most teenagers love to do Nope! I put my mind to it and I Txt I’m on the social media sites just like all of my peers, I also can hold a camera and take pictures of things I enjoy! You can do anything you put your mind too!! Don’t let your disability define you!! However I wish they would come out with a easier way for me to type and login to my accounts when I try to Type my password in if I shake and hit a wrong key on accident it gives me trouble logging in.

Your’s truly,
Karissa Phillips

Awesome Connections By Karissa Phillips

For many of you who came out to Connect in Harford County it was the first time you met Jonny Hudson. But I already had the privilege of knowing this amazing man! He was a Missionary at my church when I was little! I truly look up to him! He amazes me!  I’m proud to welcome Jonny into our Image Family and I’m glad he’ll be hanging out with us! You guys can learn alot from him I sure have!

Karissa Phillips


Power Of Music By Karissa Phillips

Have you ever had one of those days where your down? I have let me share with you what I do to make myself feel good again I turn my radio on to 95.1 Shine Fm! Shine Fm plays inspirational music! I laugh at the funny things they say and listen to the touching music! I love going to places to meet the DJ’S!! The lady who is on in the afternoons Erin is my mentor she takes time to talk to me and give me the best advice! Me having CP, Axitety,Depression I can turn it on when I’m having a tough day and after listening to it for awhile it changes my attitude and makes me feel happy I feel the same way when I meet one of the DJ’S! I would encourage you to check them out at WWW.95.1 or just listen to Shine Fm for 30 minutes a day! It can truly change your life it has mine!

Yours Truly

Karissa Phillips

Don’t be Afraid to Explain your Disability! by Karissa Phillips

I notice the Stares that people who are disabled get . What if we all were a little bit bolder in explaining our disability to people? That way there’s more awareness so people will give us the respect we deserve! For some people you might be the first disabled person that they have meet and you might help them to be a better person and treat others with disabilities with respect!! KARISSA

Extending Gratitude This Holiday Season!

Connect participants collecting canned food goods for the needy.

Some of the participants of our Teen Connect program made purchases of nonperishable food items over the Thanksgiving holiday in the hopes of extending gratitude to those less fortunate. All food items were delivered to the Manna House Food Pantry of the Bel Air United Methodist Church where they will be utilized in the weekly food pantry program.

We are encouraging our participants and their families to continue to extend their gratitude to others this holiday season!

The IMAGE Center seeks donations daily in order to build programming that is essential to the independent growth of individuals with disabilities and new this holiday season donations of $30.00 or more will receive a new IMAGE T-Shirt to help spread our message of empowerment.

Tshirt says INDEPENDENCE Back of Tshirt says What's your IMAGE?

We hope that everyone will help to make a difference in their community this holiday season. As always we will stay committed to empowering those who need it most!

Happy Holidays!