Accessibility Statement

The IMAGE Center has made every effort to ensure this web site is accessible. Some features incorporated into this site include:

Consistent Navigation

Consistency is maintained with main navigation menu on the top of each page. The items in the main navigation are also included at the bottom of the page so users do not have to scroll to the top to continue. The site is completely navigable using a keyboard

Skip Navigation

A “skip navigation link” is at the top of each page. This allows users to go directly to the content on the page and avoid repetitive navigation links.

Increasing Font Sizes

All fonts are sized in relative units. This means that font sizes can be easily increased in all browsers. Modern browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari) allow web pages to be magnified by holding down CTRL and type “+” or “-“. To return text to normal hold down CTRL and type “0”. This method works on most web sites if they have been properly coded.

In older versions of Internet Explorer such as IE7, the size of the text on a page can be increased by going to the View menu and selecting Text Size and then Largest.

New Windows

Links to other web sites do not open in a new browser window. Users can simply click their browser “back button” to return to the IMAGE Center site.

Color Contrast

The foreground and background color combinations provide contrast, and no important information is conveyed in color.