The IMAGE Center of Maryland

The Big Bike Build  Fundraiser 2023. Hosted by The IMAGE Center's V M E program. September 23, 2023 at Stevenson University. Graphic includes Big Bike Logo of a blue bicycle with orange gears in the wheels and a photo of a group of V M E volunteers around a girl on her new customized bike.
The Big Bike Build 2023

Live Independently.

The IMAGE Center for people with disabilities is dedicated to new thinking about disability. Those of us with disabilities need an environment in which we can experiment and create – find new ways and new solutions. Whether it is a blind person learning to pour coffee or a person in a wheelchair trying to reach high cupboards, far too often, solutions go unexplored because we assume they don’t exist.

The IMAGE Center serves several Maryland counties (see map below). We serve people with all disabilities. We are a nonresidential Center for Independent Living and our staff are primarily people with disabilities living independent lives and teaching these skills to others.

Service Area

VME provides services throughout the state.

map, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County

20 Programs to empower individuals with disabilities

Disability…Challenging, Manageable, Possible

man riding a customized bike
Volunteer Medical Engineers – VME- professionals design devices & custom solutions for all ages .
IMAGE teens at the aquarium

Learning experiences for teens as they transition to adulthood
veteran in a wheelchair. His caregiver stands along side
Programs for vets and seniors to live .independently at home, plus resources for those in senior communities.
relaxing at home
Disabled man in a wheelchair playing guitar & living independently