The IMAGE Center of Maryland

The IMAGE Center of Maryland & VME presents “Adopt-A-Smile”!

Adopt -a- Smile is a new way to see your generosity in action. From start to finish you can receive emails and witness the direct impact of your donation on someone’s life.  

We will share with you the journey. Letting you know which experienced team of engineers is designing the project, and when all is said and done the smiling faces of those whose life you made a difference.

All Adopt -a- Smile projects are fully funded by the IMAGE Center of MD and VME.

Live Independently.

The IMAGE Center for people with disabilities is dedicated to new thinking about disability. Those of us with disabilities need an environment in which we can experiment and create – find new ways and new solutions. Whether it is a blind person learning to pour coffee or a person in a wheelchair trying to reach high cupboards, far too often, solutions go unexplored because we assume they don’t exist.

20 Programs to empower individuals with disabilities

relaxing at home
Disabled man in a wheelchair playing guitar & living independently