Keeping Everyone Safe. Action Plan for In-Person Programming

Getting Vaccinated!

Close up of a COVID-19 Vaccine vial being opened. Photo: Ericha Fitzgerald, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons The State of Maryland opened a mass vaccination site at the Baltimore City Convention Center. Find locations and providers through the State’s vaccine locator tool.  If you are over 65 and you live in Baltimore City, you can…

Sept 22 Newsletter for Teen and Young Adult Programs

News from IMAGE Teen and Young Adult Programs September 2022 Highlights Alt text: The words BACK TO SCHOOL scribbled over chalk drawings of school related images such as pencils, paint brushes and lunch boxes. Back to School can be a very busy time for students and families. It can also be a great opportunity to…

Stay Connected! Big Changes ahead for the Connect Program!

Big changes ahead for our Connect program for Teens and Young Adults! Until then stay connected with our virtual meet ups! Click here to Learn More!

Aug 22 Teen and Young Adult Program Newsletter

News from IMAGE Teen and Young Adult Programs August 2022 Highlights SAVE THE DATE August 22-28th!  It’s almost Back- to -School and The IMAGE Center needs YOUR HELP!  Back to School is right around the corner, please consider adding The IMAGE Center to your back to school shopping list this year. Join us the week of August 22-28th…

Sponsor a Student August 22-28th

Click here to Sponsor a Student Today!

Food Four Ways — Accessible Food Delivery Apps

With time off from school and work, our thoughts turn to food! Join us as we cover all things nonvisual food access in our Food Four Ways series: July 5: Grocery Shopping MethodsJuly 12: Navigating Buffets in School Dining HallsJuly 19: Getting Food Package InformationJuly 26: Accessible Food Delivery Apps Today, we will share information…

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