Covid-19 Public Health Awareness

Celebrating National Library Week 2024: Empowering Access to Knowledge

As National Library Week 2024 approaches, The IMAGE Center is thrilled to join in the celebration of libraries as vital community resources.

Blog Covid-19 Public Health Awareness

Reflecting on History: The Capitol Crawl and Its Impact on Disability Rights

As we commemorate this milestone, we reflect on its profound impact on our community and the ongoing fight for independence and equality.

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New Partnership! WearWorks x IMAGE

HapticNav is a pioneering navigation solution reshaping the way individuals with disabilities interact with their environment.

Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME)

Now Accepting Submissions for “What I Wish For My Child” Campaign

Campaign provides custom-made devices for children with disabilities.


Solutions 2022

Join us for our annual gathering of SOLUTIONS 2022, in-person or live stream, as we celebrate 40 years of excellence and empowerment in service to people with disabilities.