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I AM: Monday, April 19, 2021

Accessing Medicaid and Medicare

We talked about the Special Enrollment Opportunity for uninsured people that is open until May 15. The Maryland Exchange will share ways Marylanders can get help, get insurance and financial assistance. The session will end with understanding Medicare as health insurance to individuals 65+ as well as those under 65 and with disabilities as determined by SSA.

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Investing in Impact: The IMAGE Center provides solutions in a Pandemic Year

2020 was a year of unexpected challenges and opportunities. On March 13, we closed to our office due to the lockdown but were immediately serving consumers remotely without a gap in service on Monday, March 16, 2020! While many other organizations were still figuring out how work remotely and deliver services, IMAGE staff used their skills and ingenuity to find solutions to the challenges of serving clients during the lockdown!

  • We launched a weekly live Zoom broadcast to increase connection among the community, provide an opportunity to find out what needs our neighbors are experiencing, and to serve as a reliable source of information during the Pandemic. Over the summer, we partnered with the other Centers for Independent Living around the state of Maryland to expand the conversation state-wide.
  • Nursing homes and other congregate living settings were identified early-on as high-risk for the spread of Covid-19. Working with our state partners, we were able to provide feedback to change federal regulations regarding the ability of individuals to leave nursing homes without losing their place in line for waiver services.
  • Our first success story involved getting a gentleman out of a nursing facility and back to his home while he waited. Our Ramp Loan program helped create access to his home.
  • We’ve been a voice advocating for people with disabilities regarding transportation, services, food distribution, and access to vaccines. You can see some of our efforts in the Baltimore Sun and on WYPR.
  • Our VME program did a one of a kind remote rollator repair for a woman via Zoom in April!
  • Our school engineering teams expanded adding MIT to the fold.
  • We started a partnership with Milbat, a nonprofit in Israel serving people with disabilities.

All of this was accomplished on top of our core services! With a small but mighty staff and limited funding we served over 25,000 people with disabilities last year. We are not stopping here. We have bigger plans for 2021 including doubling our supports services for Veterans, adding supports planning to our existing portfolio of services, building a community lending library of assistive technology devices, and continuing the weekly Zoom events. You can partner with us by investing in our programming so we can continue to serve and advocate for people with disabilities.

You can invest in IMAGE in a several ways:

  • If you don’t have a urgent need for your stimulus money, please help build our Covid-19 Lifeline Impact Fund.
  • A recurring gift is a fantastic way for you to routinely support our expanded portfolio of services. Every gift makes a difference!
  • Talk to your employer about Matching Gifts! Many area companies match employee volunteer hours and donations which is a great way to double your investment.

We’ve compiled a Performance Report of our activities for 2020. The infographic shows the impact of IMAGE during the Pandemic year. Invest in IMAGE for 2021 so we can do even more! We’ve provided the report as visual images, a PDF file, and a text transcription.

IMAGE Center 2020 Performance Report Infographic page 1. Full text version available below.
IMAGE Center 2020 Performance Report Infographic page 2. Full text version available below.

2020 Performance Report PDF

2020 Performance Report Text docx

We appreciate your continued support of the IMAGE Center through this difficult year. We look forward to a better 2021 where we can be together in person and do even more!

Blog Covid-19 Live Chat

Getting your shot at the shot! I AM March 15, 2021

Getting your shot at the shot!

Let’s chat about the current state of getting vaccinated in Maryland! Some of the issues facing people with disabilities were discussed in this article from WYPR! What has been your experience?

This week’s I AM will be our latest update. We’ll talk about strategies for getting an appointment.  Don’t miss this informative and provocative look at where we are.

To Register for future events or donate to support visit:

Comments and links from the Chat during the Zoom session:

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Getting Vaccinated!

close up picture of a covid-19 vaccine vial being opened
Close up of a COVID-19 Vaccine vial being opened. Photo: Ericha Fitzgerald, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The State of Maryland opened a mass vaccination site at the Baltimore City Convention Center.

Find locations and providers through the State’s vaccine locator tool

If you are over 65 and you live in Baltimore City, you can fill in the interest form and you will be contacted by a Maryland Access Point (MAP) Ambassador when appointments become available. You can also call 410-396-CARE (2273) to reach our MAP Call Center if you are over 65. 

Additional testing links and opportunities to make appointments or request a vaccine include: 

If you live in Baltimore City and are eligible for a vaccine, but WORK in Baltimore County, you may get a vaccine through the County. This will not make an appointment for you but will put you on a list to be emailed as soon as an appointment is available.


IMAGE Live Chat – Monday, May 11th Voting

Update, May 21

Training Opportunity from People on the Go Maryland, Friday May 22nd.

This is a transcript of some of the discussion and the Chat box in our weekly Zoom call.

Thank you to our Special Guests on Voting Issues:

Sharon Manecki – National Federation of the Blind of Maryland.

Ben Jackson – Disability Rights Maryland

Sharon provided an overview of the challenges to voting in Maryland starting in 2016. They have been telling the Board of Elections concerns about the voting process particularly accessibility and privacy protections with regard to the secret ballot.  They have also been working through the legislature and the courts to address it.

This upcoming election, there is a Paper ballot – complete it, sign it and either mail it in, drop it off at the designated locations. If you need an electronic copy, you will need to contact the Board of Elections.

Email will have a link, you’ll get a password and you’ll get the electronic ballot. Then you have to print it out, sign it, drop it off in person or mail it back.

Online Resources:

Transcript from the Chat Section:

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: these are the in person voting locations PDF

From Ben J to Everyone:

From Susie M to Everyone: So, you can fill out the paper ballot and send it back?

From to Everyone: What about plain language

From Ben J to Everyone:

From Me to Everyone: is a non-partisan website that usually breaks down the poll questions and they send out information to candidates

From Mika Wills to Everyone: if you do not belong to a political party, you should not expect to receive anything in the mail for the primary election, correct?

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: when is the very last date to register if you want to vote in the upcoming election?

From Me to Everyone: you can register in person on election day – June 2nd. You have to go in person to one of the polling places.

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: thank you

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: you can register online up until the 27th

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: great! thank you

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: I think Donna is trying to ask a question

From Me to Everyone: If you assist a voter to vote, there’s an affidavit to complete. Try to ensure as much privacy as possible.

From Me to Everyone: Thank you!

From Martin Zimmerman to Everyone: Baltimore county has update for Seniors  food pickup  410 887 2040 for appointment