LIVE CHAT on Monday, April 20 – Independent Living

IMAGE Center LIVE CHAT – Independent Living Skills during COVID Crisis

Monday, April 2020

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

From martin zimmerman to Everyone:

In Baltimore County a number of Libraries now have  free public WiFI and some other options for internet access via Comcast.

Details in the Document here:  wifi-access

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:


From Susie Michaels to Everyone:

Susie Michaels and Jaanine Smith Facebook page: One Voice Recovery Community Center NW. friend us and we’ll invite you in to the page.  Also my phone number is 443.839. 8322 and work e mail is:

Jaanine’s email is

+410.935.6721 is Jaanine’s phone

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

Vanessa has been using doggie pick up bags in place of gloves. She finds it easier to use than getting gloves and off, but they’re convenient, easy to use, and really function as that needed barrier.

From Jaanine S to Everyone:

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

CVS is offering free presciption delivery during the pandemic

From Cheryl to Everyone: for produce pick up

From Kariza Goncalves to Everyone:

I’m not sure if this applies to all prescriptions, such as the ones that need to be refrigerated.

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

Mike noted that all the governors’ press conferences are available to view on CSPAN. Governor Hogan’s are also available on Facebook and YouTube.

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

What can I do to help our community in Baltimore County/city? Volunteer? I am furloughed and have a lot of free time

From Crystal to Everyone:  02:58 PM

Thank you, Cheryl!

Baltimore Votes has offered to run webinars about the vote by mail by request for groups

From Kariza Goncalves to Everyone:  02:58 PM

United Way of Central Maryland is offering different ways to Volunteer during socialize distancing protocols.;=&agency;_id=&county;=&dateOn;=&distance;=&zip;=&need;_impact_area=&need;_init_id=&qualification;_id=&cat;_id=&meta;%5B%5D=&meta;%5B%5D=&meta;%5B%5D=&allowTeams;=&ug;_id=&s=1


From IMAGE Center to Everyone:  03:01 PM

Here’s the Link for Need a Hand/Lend A Hand- District 11

A network of individuals in Baltimore County that are willing to shop and run errands for neighbors.

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

I read somewhere that Comcast is offering free internet for 60 days for people who can’t afford it

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

The full information about the free wi fi locations from the Baltimore County library will get posted on the blog. Thanks, Jaanine for bringing that up!

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Covid-19 Information from the IMAGE Center

We’re using this page to share information of interest and use to our community. Please check our Live Chat posts for other useful links!

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Please note information is current when posted, but due to the rapidly changing nature of this emergency, information can become outdated. Please double check with the agency or organization to verify.

Updates: May 13, 2020

From the Social Security Administration’s  Office of Communications:  Raising awareness about the Social Security Imposter Scam and the COVID-19 scam.  As you are probably aware, scammers contact people via text or phone pretending to be from Social Security and tell them that their Social Security number or account is in jeopardy.  They have also mailed letters expressing that Social Security benefits will be suspended or discontinued because of COVID-19.

Below are links to blogs about the scams.

COVID-19 Scam Blog

Imposter Scam Blogs

Please be wary of anyone who asks for sensitive information and account numbers via unsolicited phone calls and texts. Verify the request by contacting the agency through their published public information.

Updates: May 7, 2020

Food Resources for Seniors in Baltimore County

resources update






Warning: SCAM letter circulating

scam letter representing MHBE affiliate

HC-FY20-016 Representing as MHBE Affiliate 5-7-20_Redacted

Updates: May 6, 2020

Updated Guidance from the Social Security Administration regarding stimulus payments:

SSA rep payee and stimulus payment

Visit their website for the latest information:

2020 U. S. Census information meeting for Baltimore County

On Tuesday May 12th the Complete Count Committee of Baltimore County will host a virtual 2020 Census community meeting that will feature a compilation of testimonies from trusted partners/messengers. (flyer attached)  Please share and promote throughout each of your personal and professional networks. The purpose of the meeting is to allow residents to hear from trusted voices and messengers in the community on why the Census is important now, more than ever. Registration is required:

National Disability Rights Network has an information page on your rights during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Updates: April 27, 2020

Family and Kinship Navigator Services continue to be available during these uncertain times. Kinship Navigator services are available to provide support to families living in Baltimore County who are raising a relative’s child/children.

FY20 FN Fact SheetFY20

Family and Kinship Referral Form


Baltimore City Water Bill Payment Assistance

ALERT – Baltimore City Water Bill Payment Assistance 4.27.2020

ALERT-Utility Scams 4.27.2020

New Sites Make Testing Available Five Days A Week

NAMI is holding remote mental health support groups

Also the Rotary Club is offering free grocery delivery services. It doesn’t look like they have a specific geographical area, however I would imagine that they are working with folks that live in Baltimore County. Read below for more information:

Rotary International Volunteer Shoppers

Rotary members are available to shop for and delivery groceries, medications and other essential items to those at risk for COVID 19 or unable to leave their homes on a volunteer basis.  Volunteers do not have background checks.  They are Rotary members.

Call 240-781-6586 any day from 9:00am – 6:00pm to request assistance.  It takes between 24 and 72 hours to fill a request.

No charge for the shopping services. Payment for goods purchased at the store is through credit cards only.  Volunteers pay for the food with their own credit card. Once an amount is known, the recipient gives their credit card number to Rotary International to be charged the amount spent. Volunteers will shop with SNAP EBT cards too.

Towson University Offering Delivered Meals  ToGoMeals_4-20-20

Updates: April 20, 2020

Expanded WiFi access from Baltimore County Public Library and other low or no-cost internet access options – wifi-access

Contactless Produce Pickup from

Updates: April 17, 2020

Joint letter from Disability Rights Maryland and the Maryland Association of Centers for Independent Living advocating for accessibility of essential businesses during the pandemic.

Business Leader Letter

From the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel

Attached please find FAQs relating to the State of Emergency. This document provides answers and resources on topics like food, student loans, scams, taxes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions During the State of Emergency

April 16, 2020

BGE Suspends Service Disconnections Through June 1

Community Services for the Deaf resources during Corona

National Federation for the Blind resources page

Baltimore County Coronavirus Information & Updates

Baltimore City Coronavirus Information & Updates

Harford County Coronavirus Information & Updates


LIVE CHAT on April 6, 2020 – Mental Health

Update from April 27th:

NAMI is holding remote mental health support groups:

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our LIVE CHAT on Mental Health Resources and Tips!  For the list of resources we’ve compiled, click here!

First the Transcript from the call:

IMAGE Center Live Chat

Monday, April 6, 2020

Topic: Mental Health Resources

Amanda Taylor here from The IMAGE Center! Email:

Hi Everyone! Thanks for your patience while we work through this! Heather from the Image Center

We will be compiling resources from the call again today and we’ll be posting them on our blog. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Our Guest today is

Dr. Rebecca Wald, Minds In Focus

Kari Gorkos with the Mental Health Association of Maryland

We started with Rebecca Wald who gave a presentation similar to the one in this video from her YouTube Channel:

Transcript from the Chat Session:

From Shiffon Gray

I have a question. What about those who have family members in nursing facilities and the stress it might cause the person in the nursing facility as well as the family person that cannot see their family member in nursing facility. How does one find out if their relative in the nursing facility is not under stress and if so what can they suggest to the social worker to do for their family member. I do not have a relative in a nursing facility thinking of those who do.

From Anna Goldberg (regarding apps such as Calm for helping with sleep)many of those apps have content available for free fyi

Crystal noted that they are trying to do peer support by phone and work with individuals in facilities to get them their own phones so they can stay in touch with their families.

From Kia Cummings

Skype and DUO are great apps for folks in nursing facilities as well if helped by the facility staff.

From Me to Everyone:

Rebecca also suggested letters, recordings of music or yourself reading a book or a message and deliver that to the facility.

Question from Heather:

How can we maintain routine when the things that trigger our routines are not happening?

Rebecca suggested to create an artificial structure to help. For example, getting up and dressed like you’re going to go out. Or make arrangements with yourself to define your time such as staying out of bed during the day. If you feel your days are formless, plan an activity schedule to help put some structure in your day.

With medications – try to stay on your schedule. Set an alarm and try to get up at your usual time. This will help with any sleep issues.

Setting a phone alarm is great for remembering to take medications.

From Cheryl Gottlieb -MDH- not a question, statement. As a non-driver getting from place to place causes a tremendous amount of stress in my life 24/7. I didn’t go outside for 3 wks straight and honestly I’m relieved that there’s nowhere to go. The weight of all that stress got lifted. Just wanted to say that if people are relieved that they no longer have to deal with Mobility or MTA, that’s also a valid way to feel.

From Anna Goldberg to Everyone:

I am disabled, and I am also on the “team” Rebecca talked about for some other friends and family who are themselves disabled. Any advice for how to support the people on my team when we are all in crisis? We don’t live in the same area, and I am trying my best to advocate for them long distance, but I feel out of my depth sometimes.

From Kia Cummings to Everyone:

Just a comment: I have disabled children at home and stress is at an all-time high, I also have aging parents, so we find that keeping routine is easier if you create a mock area to do the work too. My family homeschools, and we do therapy daily; therefore, we make it a priority to schedule outside the bedroom and force ourselves to be productive with 1 activity a day.

How do you prioritize self-care if you are the caregiver?

From Angela Tyler to Everyone:

What do you recommend when you have 3 different generations and 3 different sets of needs in one home?

Rebecca suggested that everyone can help. As a caregiver try to set aside some time for yourself such as taking a walk alone or sitting outside.

Grandparents can support kids by listening to them read or their school work. Kids can support by helping with meals.

Rebecca noted that when we take care of ourselves, we are showing an example to our kids that self-care is a priority.

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:  Can we recap the list of three things to do per day? 1. One non-screen, non-work activity. 2. Move! Find a way to be active. 3. Clean something! (Is this accurate? Please correct me if I am wrong!)

From Rebecca Wald to Everyone:

Amanda, the list I made for my family:

– work or school

– physical activity

– non-screen non-work activity

– clean something

But other things would probably appear on other people’s lists – for example, therapy exercises, etc.

Mike added that his experience was that when it was on a list, it wasn’t personal and was easier to get done. Everyone is working through their to do items on that list.

Martin Zimmerman to Everyone:

Hello, Just wanted to let people know that food stamps cases will have an additional amount for April and May (letters going out to explain this point),also no cases are being closed-,Food Stamp, TCA TDAP, also state medical assistance programs also are not being closed  (due to redets )thanks for all you do

From Anna Goldberg to Everyone

Setting clear expectations is a big part of making sure the routine or schedule is actually helpful and effective. my husband and I made one that was just one fun activity we’d do each night for every day of the week. they’re small, simple things, but it gives us something to look forward to 🙂

From Me to Everyone:  02:52 PM

Kari Gorkos with the Mental Health Association of Maryland

From Kari Gorkos to Everyone:

From Me to Everyone:

Thanks, Kari!

What about applying for SNAP as a new recipient? or if you forgot to do a redetermination over the winter? Can you reapply now?

Martin noted that even though the offices are closed, they are continuing to work remotely and people can apply online.

From Kate Wallace to Everyone

Also customer service # is 1 800 332-6347  which will connect you to local office staff.

From Me to Everyone:

If you have questions or comments, please contact Mike at

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Mike Bullis thanked everyone for calling and participating in the calls and answering questions. Please contact the IMAGE Center with questions or concerns! The office number is 410-982-6311 or via email at

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