Craft Portraits ~ Raising Self-Esteem

Four teen girls crafting self-portraits during a Girls Night Out session.So how do girls honestly¬†address their self-esteem? With a craft of course! Here is a shot from last Thursday’s Girls Night Out Program. Here the girls are crafting self-portraits using yarn, jewels, materials and markers in order to identify characteristics about themselves that make them feel confident and boost their self-esteem!¬† This week the girls will be joined by Zoey from the B’more Abilities Special Arts Center as they learn active techniques, such as Yoga, to relax and calm at home. Check back for more information on the programs that will be offered at of our collaborative studios in both Harford and Baltimore Counties with partner B’more Abilities.

One thought on “Craft Portraits ~ Raising Self-Esteem

  1. Crafts are a great way for young teens to address their self-esteem, thanks for the post! My daughter is a perfectionist and it’s difficult for her to accept being mediocre at anything. I am trying to help her break from this perfectionist mentality and as I read websites like I am learning ways to help her rid this inner critic. I definitely recommend taking a look!

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