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Athletes Serving Athletes by Karissa Phillips

ASA is a non-profit organization that helpspeople with disabilities participate in  main stream running events from 5k’s to triathlons. Each county meets differently Baltimore County meets every other Thursday usually biweekly meets. Janice trains with Baltimore County on the NCR trial. Janice found out about ASA through a friend. It’s a relationship building between Mom and son. Matthew gets to meet others and able to make friendships with the participants and others who help in the race. It has encouraged Jancie to become more active like biking and swimming. The people who run are the most positive and giving people Jancie has ever met.  You can find out about ASA through Facebook page athletes serving athletes or Google People without a disability can volunteer to be a wigman, man tents and tell people about ASA. Janice’s most memorable experience was seeing Matthew cross the finish line at his first half marathon they put up the finish tape for Matthew to break as he came across. Seeing Matthew excitment and the dance that he does when he starts to train floods Jancie with excitment and happiness for him.FB_IMG_1465516053114FB_IMG_1465515999912FB_IMG_1465515987754

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