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IMAGE Live CHAT – Monday, May 4th – Health & Wellness

IMAGE Center LIVE CHAT – Monday, May 4th

This is a transcript of some of the discussion and the Chat box in our weekly Zoom call.)

Welcome to our weekly chat series. Today’s topic is health and well-being including mental health!

Some Tips from Mike Bullis:

  • Brush your teeth, wash your face, get dressed.
  • Listen to your favorite music or favorite movie.
  • Don’t use marijuana or alcohol too much.
  • Take a nap. If you need a rest, get one. Sometimes you need to recharge. These times are stressful and simple things aren’t as easy as it seems
  • Get outside!
  • Don’t watch too much news.
  • Stay connected with family, friends, colleagues. Get outside your own bubble. Connect with people are GOOD for you!
  • Know the difference between being depressed and depression. It’s okay to be depressed from depressing situations, but recognize when you need to get some professional help
  • When you’re at home, try to separate from work. Take a break and push work out of your mind.

Ed Caldwell is here to talk about some of the physical fitness and nutrition tips:

The number one excuse, the most popular excuse for not being physically active, they don’t have enough time. But you have to make the time because you have to make it fit in with your schedule.

Walking is a great exercise. You can burn a lot of calories and helps build immunity by getting outside. Embrace the outdoors. You get vitamin D from the sunshine. That’s one of many exercises. While you have time now, try rearranging to create a space for home workouts.

Beware of Boredom Eating! Find something to do instead. Try a new hobby. A bright side of the lock down is the focus on small local business especially food such as locally grown food. That benefits the local community and often the food is healthier.

From Me to Everyone:

Have everyone! Welcome to our Live Chat and Happy May the 4th!

You can reach the IMAGE Center at 410-982-6311 or

From Shiffon Gray to Everyone:

great list Mike very helpful thanks -Shiffon

From Me to Everyone:

Hi Ed from Planet Fitness! Thank you for joining us!

From Cheryl to Everyone:

I’ve gotten some good accessible exercise resources from ARI’s FB page. hold on while I find everything

From Me to Everyone:

Thanks, Cheryl!

From Cheryl to Everyone:

Accessible Exercise videos:

also, I mentioned last week that BCBS, Aetna, & United waived co-pays for telehealth physical therapy during covid, so now might be a good time to get some fitness advice from a physical therapist for free, especially if you have a physical disability

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

Special Olympics also has a great program right now for adaptive exercises.

here is a Facebook group you can join

From Me to Everyone:

(part of the discussion about healthy home food delivery options)

Butcher Box –

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

Sprout Natural Market has wonderful options for healthy eating. You can also contact me for additional options if you are interested.

From Cheryl to Everyone:

Baltimore County Together is doing pop up produce pick up every Saturday. you have to order in advance

From Me to Everyone:

Where to buy local while social distancing: on farm pickups and more

From Cheryl to Everyone:

healthy harvest, territory foods, and imperfect foods are also mailing

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

Thrive Market is also a great delivery service for healthy food options.

From Cheryl to Everyone:

Axis Project out of NYC is also doing a lot of great wheelchair accessible FB live videos on their FB page

From Me to Everyone:

Thanks, Cheryl!

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

also Infinite Flow Dance on Facebook has a lot of videos –

adaptive dance videos

From Stephanie Schwartz to Everyone:  02:35 PM

There are some classes available through the Baltimore County Senior Centers for older and disabled individuals who live in Baltimore County.  I have a link here:

Additional information:

From Jaanine S to Everyone:  02:35 PM

The One Voice Recovery Community Center (RCC)

3 Milford Mill Rd. Pikesville MD. 21208 Open M&W 3-9pm

Jaanine Smith/Coordinator

office. 410.653.6190 x1110

waterline. 410.935.6721

Monday through Saturday 9am-7pm

Susie Michaels warm line is


From Me to Everyone:

Welcome Susie Michaels! Susie is with One Voice Recovery Center West. We are a peer run center offering services to people with substance abuse disorders or co-occurring disorders.

Thank you, Jaanine! We’re glad to have you here!

From Jaanine S to Everyone:

Please send either Susie or I a friend request and we will send you an invite

oops sorry. Susie has warm line hours Monday through Friday 10 to 5

From Paula to Everyone:

Susie, I notice on your page you ask people how they’re doing, and if they’re not doing well you follow up by saying do you want to talk. Do you spend a lot of time on the phone?

From Jaanine S to Everyone:


From Audrey Sellers to Everyone:

And great job, Jaanine!

From Shiffon Gray to Everyone:

thanks for sharing Susie

From Jaanine S to Everyone:

I love you Susie ?

From Cheryl to Everyone:

can we have Baltimore Votes come do their Vote by Mail 101 training?

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

a lot of local health departments have mental health departments and peer support programs. I know they hire individuals who are in recovery themselves. Check out your county’s health department

From Cheryl to Everyone:

Amanda there’s a specific certification process and most counties want you to be certified prior to hire. it’s 46hrs of training and 500 hours of paid or volunteer fieldwork

From Amanda Taylor to Everyone:

ok that makes sense, Cheryl. I wasn’t sure of the requirements.

From Sharon Payne to Everyone:

and accessible voting.

From Me to Everyone:

Thanks everyone!

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