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Testing Accommodations for ACT®

Start Now: Read below to learn how to request accommodations for the ACT® college admission exam.

What Kinds of Accommodations May I Request?

Students may request accommodations from the ACT to make the testing experience accessible to them. Examples of potential accommodation requests include braille tests, tactile graphics, the use of a scribe, accessible assistive technology, and extended time. Read more about the types of requested accommodations in the ACT® WorkKeys® Accessibility Supports Guide.

Timing of ACT® Accommodations Requests

In order to receive testing accommodations for the ACT®, an individual must submit a written request for those accommodations as well as documentation of the individual’s need for those accommodations.

The ACT® requires that accommodation request submissions be made well before the testing date, and no later than the late registration deadline. However, please note that submitting accommodations requests as soon as possible will increase the likelihood that you will secure all needed accommodations because it will provide time for any advocacy that may be required to secure and implement needed accommodations. You may view the test dates and registration deadlines here.

How to Request ACT® Exam Accommodations

There are multiple steps for requesting ACT® testing accommodations:

  • Test Registration: A student may begin the accommodations process by registering for the test and indicating during registration that the student is requesting testing accommodations. ACT® will then send an email that must be given to the school, along with a release form.
  • Required Documentation: The student may then work with the school to submit relevant documentation, such as an IEP or 504 plan, to the ACT® through its online portal system.
  • Accommodations Approval: Requests for accommodations are normally approved within 10 and 14 business days, and the approval will be sent directly to the school. Once the request is approved, the student will need to submit photo identification either to the school as a special testing center or the national testing center as assigned.
  • If not testing through or working with the school, the student and the family will need to fill out an application independently. Find out more about the independent application process here.

Recent Announcement about ACT® Testing Accommodations

Recently, the ACT® announced that any accommodation request that is documented on a student’s IEP or 504 Plan is “allowable” as an ACT® testing accommodation. If a student is requesting an accommodation that is not documented on the IEP or 504 plan, the student may still request that accommodation but must provide additional documentation to certify the need for the accommodation. Examples include an accommodations plan used by the school outside of an IEP or 504 plan or a former IEP or 504 plan that details that the student has benefited from the specified accommodation in the past. The ACT® also has an exception request form that individuals may use if they are unable to provide these documents to demonstrate the use of the requested accommodation. Read more about ACT® testing accommodations documentation and access the exception request form.

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