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ADA in Education

#DisabilityPrideMonth July

July is Disability Pride Month because the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed on July 26, 1990. The ADA built upon earlier legislation to strengthen the civil rights protections of individuals with disabilities. Our Maryland Bridges Technical Assistance Center celebrates #DisabilityPrideMonth with a Transition Tip video series about the origins and impact of the ADA.

This fourth video in the series focuses on the impact of the ADA on post-secondary education, like college. Join us as Tyler Hoppe shares his experiences with getting accessible materials in college and provides advice for fellow blind/low vision college students.

ADA and Education with MSB graduate and Penn State Junior Tyler Hoppe, a #BridgesHelpDesk #TransitionTip Video Interview Celebrating #DisabilityPrideMonth

This #BridgesHelpDesk #TransitionTip video interview finds our Project Coordinator, Chris Nusbaum, interviewing rising college junior Tyler Hoppe about his experiences with the ADA in his college career. Tyler shares the ups and downs of college accommodations and shares important advice for blind/low vision college students so that they may have the information and opportunities they need to succeed in college!

Video Transcript


Welcome from Chris Nusbaum at 0:01

Introduction by Chris Nusbaum at 1:34

Impact of the ADA in College Classes at 2:59

Getting Accessible Materials for College Classes at 4:47

Importance of Two-way Communication at 6:04

COVID and College at 6:42

Self-advocacy with the ADA At 8:40

Tips for Parents of College-bound Students at 11:15

Closing at 13:10

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