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WayAround Labeling System

Updated as of May 28, 2024.

WayAround provides a different electronic labeling option.. With WayAround, you do not need a special device to record or play your WayAroud labels. Instead, you access that information via your own iOS or Android SmartPhone (or tablet).

How WayAround Works

WayAround provides a free, downloadable app that allows you to create and scan WayTags (labels that you can purchase from the WayAround Store).

What You Can Do with WayAround

Unlike other labeling systems, WayAround does not involve audio recordings. Instead, you add information by typing into WayAround’s form fields. These fields include headings, and you can skip headings to more quickly go to the information you want. Additionally, fields can include clickable hyperlinks, emails, and phone numbers.

You can include anything you want in the label, including important notes such as what the item is, its expiration date, nutrition facts, and any cooking instructions.


About WayTags

After adding information to the WayTag, simply place it on an item. Later, when you want to identify the item, scan the WayTag with the app, and your phone will speak aloud everything that you included in the label.

WayTags also provide the following features:

  • 100K+ scans per tag
  • Unlimited information
  • Unlimited editing
  • Unlimited total number of tags per account

Kinds of WayTags

WayTag offers a variety of labels. In addition to stickers, you can buy magnets, 2-hole buttons, oval hole buttons, and “WayClips.” Also, WayAround offers several a Sampler Pack as well as “Starter Packs,” including: a general Starter Pack, a Kitchen Starter Pack, and a Laundry Starter Pack.

How to get WayAround and WayTags

App download links – free!


WayAround Store

Contact the Bridges Helpdesk for More Information

This unique project is being coordinated through The IMAGE Center of Maryland, a center for independent living in Towson, and it is funded by a grant from the Maryland Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services.

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