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Updated as of April 20, 2024.

In addition to the information set forth below, please check out the Bridges Resource Library’s Prepare for the ACT Using These Braille and Tactile Graphics Resources entry for links to free or low-cost ACT preparation tests and information.

General Information

The ACT offers a webpage with free test ACT preparation materials. ACT has also paired with Kaplan to offer free ACT preparation instruction and materials. However, please note that these options are NOT necessarily accessible – so they may be of limited usefulness.

In contrast, you may find the ACT’s 2023-2024 Preparing for the ACT® Test Testing with Alternate Formats guide quite helpful to meet your test preparation needs.

Screen Reader-Compatible Practice Tests

ACT offers five (5) screen reader-compatible practice tests online in five subjects: English Practice, Writing Practice, Mathematics Practice, Reading Practice, and Science Practice. Each test has two options: Timed or Untimed.

All of these are available at no cost on the ACT TEO platform.  You do not need to create an account on the TAO platform, just select “Guest access” to go to the  

Important information for testing with a screen reader

Please note: there is important screen reader user information for taking the ACT with screen reader software.

Screen reader software

  • Only JAWS or NVDA screen readers are compatible.
  • If you regularly use ChromeVox, VoiceOver, or another screen reader, they might not perform adequately with ACT’s tests. Please make sure that you are comfortable using either JAWS or NVDA prior to taking the screen reader version of the ACT.

Internet browser software

Tactile graphs and charts for screen reader tests

Unfortunately, we do not yet have ready or universal access to tactile graphics for online exams. For this reason, the ACT offers a free tactile graphics package (called “Raised line drawings/tactile graphics”) correlated to their online screen reader-compatible tests. Complete the Order Form for ACT® Alternate Format Practice Tests and order “Raised line drawings/tactile graphics (UEB with Nemeth),” Form number 01117K22PT. ()Like most states, Maryland uses Nemeth Code for math and science. For individuals who do not use Nemeth Code, the form number is 01117F22PT.

Hard Copy Tests

A single downloadable form, Order Form for ACT® Alternate Format Practice Tests, may be used to order any of these products.


Braille with raised line drawings/tactile graphics (UEB with Nemeth)

  • Includes a regular-print test booklet. Form number 01117A22PT 

Braille writing test booklet (UEB)

  • For braille users taking the ACT with writing. Form number 01119922W 

Large print

Large-print multiple-choice test booklet

  • Includes a large-print (18-pt.) answer document. Form number 011AK1240 

Large-print writing test booklet

  • Includes a large-print (18-pt.) writing test booklet. Form number 01195822W

Braille with raised line drawings/ tactile graphics (UEB Math/Science)

  • Includes a regular-print test booklet. Form number 01117C22PT 

Audio Test

Use the downloadable Order Form for ACT® Alternate Format Practice Tests to request pre-recorded audio (USB) testing materials. This package includes a regular-print test booklet and USB Usage Guidelines and is form number 01136624KT 

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