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Freedom Scientific Accessibility Software (JAWS®, ZoomText®, and Fusion®)

Updated as of May 4, 2024

JAWS® Screen Reading Software

JAWS is screen reading software that is both rich and robust. Freedom Scientific provides a wealth of resources for JAWS users. From traditional guides and shortcut sheets to YouTube videos and MP3s, Freedom Scientific allows you to pinpoint your training needs and get the information to fill those needs efficiently and for FREE!

Basic JAWS training materials

  • Pick which parts you need on the JAWS Getting Started page, where materials are available for download in DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System), MP3, and HTML formats for you to listen to or read at your convenience.
  • Download the complete JAWS Basic Training that contains the entire Basic Training in MP3 and HTML format, as a ZIP file that you can extract to any location on your computer.
  • Surf’s Up is a series of self-guided lessons that teach you to read and navigate the web using JAWS.

JAWS training videos

More advanced JAWS training materials

  • With Additional JAWS Training, discover tips and tricks for JAWS features (like Convenient OCR and Research It) as well as advanced skills, including using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and JAWS in Tandem mode. These lessons are available for download in both DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) and MP3 format.   

JAWS reference materials

ZoomText® Screen Magnification Software

ZoomText is powerful screen magnification software with many advanced features that put you, the user, in control of what the computer screen displays and how you navigate it. Additionally, ZoomText has some basic screen reading capabilities.

Basic ZoomText training materials

ZoomText reference materials

Fusion® Screen Reading AND Screen Magnification Software

Fusion combines both JAWS and ZoomText to provide access to both screen reading and screen magnification. Many resources for Fusion are found in the JAWS and ZoomText sections above. Here are some Fusion-specific resources:

Basic Fusion training materials

Fusion reference materials

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