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Accessible Physics Resources

Updated as of May 27, 2024.

General Information

Introduction to Accessible Physics Concepts, by Richard Baldwin

This is a thorough (and free) tool exploring different techniques that make physics accessible non-visually. Better yet: it’s free!

Resources from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

Basic Science Tactile Graphics – Physics graphics

Basic Science Tactile Graphics are vacuum-formed, raised-line drawings depicting objects, concepts, and relationships that are covered in nearly all elementary science textbooks. They are intended to supplement, not replace, the graphics in a student’s adapted textbook. Instructional hints and suggestions are given for each tactile drawing. Includes 52 graphics.

Relevant graphics:

  • Image Formation on Retina
  • Refraction
  • Reflection
  • Curved Mirrors 
  • Sound Frequencies
  • Sunlight on the Moon and Earth
  • Moon Phases
  • Summer and Winter Sunlight
  • Direct Rays and Slanting Rays
  • Elliptical Paths of Planets Around the Sun
  • The Solar System
  • Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Field Around Bar Magnet
  • Fields Around Magnetic
  • Inside a Battery
  • Flow of Current
  • Circuitry Symbols
  • Simple Circuit Diagram
  • Inside a Light Bulb
  • Airflow Around Wing (Side View)
  • Forces Acting on Airplane in Flight
  • Propulsion
  • Powering a Rocket   

Sense of Science: Astronomy

This set of materials is appropriate for a broader range of ages and grade levels of students with visual impairments and blindness. Activities are complemented by the included visual/tactile overlays and fold-out 2-D displays.

Light In-Sight: Reflection & Refraction Kit

This Kit enables science and physics students who are visually impaired to construct ray diagrams related to light reflection and refraction. Unlike other tactile graphics, which are often static, diagrams constructed using this product are malleable, making the teaching and learning process interactive and dynamic.

NFB EQ for Teachers: A Nonvisual & Accessible Engineering Curriculum

A free, online curriculum and collection of resources for educators who want to teach NFB EQ, the National Federation of the Blind’s week-long engineering program designed for blind and low-vision youth.


Snapino: Access Kit

Calling all aspiring programmers! Snapino®, a commercially available product, has been made accessible for students who are blind and visually impaired. Snapino is an introduction to the open-source Arduino® hardware-software coding environment. Use both the Snapino and Snap Circuits® Jr kits together to design larger circuits with speech capabilities. Note: Please use 9 V type alkaline batteries with this product. Batteries not included. Access the product manual at

RC Snap Rover Access Kit

The RC Snap Rover® Access Kit is an innovative tool that provides hands-on electronics education for students. Snap together colorful Snap Circuits® parts to build an RC Snap Rover that can zoom across any surface with the included wireless remote control. Combine the RC Snap Rover with the BRIC: Structures® Access Kit, Snap Circuit Jr® and Snapino® kits to open up endless possibilities of projects.

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