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Sample Goal and Data Collection Tool for Word Keyboard Commands

Updated as of May 28, 2024.

Measurable Annual Word Keyboard Command Goal

In one-on-one instruction with the Teacher of Students with Blindness/Visual Impairments, when utilizing a computer with the screen reader JAWS, STUDENT will score a minimum total of 216 (average of 4.8 per task) in three out of four consecutive bi-weekly running records on the following rubric using keyboard commands to perform each of the tasks on the rubric set forth below.

Rubric for Annual Word Keyboard Command Goal

Rubric scoring

5: Proficient: Able to complete task independently and efficiently without prompts for the correct command.

4: Capable: Able to complete task independently, but inefficient (needs time to remember the command).

3: Satisfactory: Able to complete the task when supported by verbal prompts or directions.

2: Emerging: A limited degree of competence in completing the task, even with verbal guidance.

1: Beginning: Unable to perform the task.

Link to Word Keyboard Commands Goal Data Collection Tool for download (Note: Answers are listed)

Tasks for Assessment [All skills listed; if needed, edit according to student’s individualized needs]

  1. Open the start menu and open programs using the start menu
  2. Select choice on an icon or from a drop-down list
  3. Mark or clear radio buttons
  4. Close a dialog box or drop-down menu
  5. Activate an applications menu bar
  6. Close current window
  7. Maximize a window
  8. Minimize one window
  9. Minimize all windows
  10. Switch between applications
  11. Create a new document
  12. Name and save a document
  13. Open an existing document
  14. Close a document
  15. Print a document
  16. Move to the beginning of a line in a document
  17. Move to the end of a line in a document
  18. Move forward by character (next character)
  19. Move forward by word (next word)
  20. Move forward paragraph (next paragraph)
  21. Move back by character (previous character)
  22. Move back by word (previous word)
  23. Move back paragraph (previous paragraph)
  24. Select forward by character (next character)
  25. Select forward by word (next word)
  26. Select forward paragraph (next paragraph)
  27. Select back by character (previous character)
  28. Select back by word (previous word)
  29. Select back paragraph (previous paragraph)
  30. Select entire document
  31. Cut highlighted items
  32. Copy highlighted items
  33. Paste highlighted items
  34. Undo a previous action
  35. Redo a previous action
  36. Open and use spell check
  37. Open and use thesaurus
  38. Increase font size
  39. Decrease font size
  40. Add or remove bolding
  41. Add or remove italicization
  42. Add or remove underlining
  43. Align paragraph flush left
  44. Align paragraph flush right
  45. Center text

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