Innovation by Engineers
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Volunteers for Medical Engineering
Volunteers for Medical Engineering
Collage of people interacting with various forms of Custom Solutions. From top left: Professor and engineering student using a computer and dry erase board; Engineer wearing safety glasses using power tools; Wheelchair user and engineer smiling at an adapted phone; Two engineers using a leveler against a wall; Occupational Therapist testing a transfer system. Three engineers building an adaptive swing set.

Solutions…Wearable technology, adaptive beds, bikes, 3D-printed devices, custom musical instruments, wheelchair cribs, tables & desks, & more!

About Us


Image VME celebrates its 40th year in designing and fabricating solutions for people with disabilities. Enjoy the 40th year video:

VME Program Services (Volunteer for Medical Engineering) is all about solutions – innovative, custom solutions to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our volunteers put their “heart and soul” into each design to allow clients to enjoy life more fully and with more independence. Each solution is tailored to the client in one of two ways: fabricated from the “ground-up” or through modifications to an existing device.

Who are our clients?

Collage of 5 photos. Photo 1: Client with quadriplegia received a custom guitar to return to his artistry. Photo 2: Young teen with multiple disabilities requested a beach chair for summer fun. Photo 3: Mom and son with dwarfism requested a custom fitted winter coat and custom dining room furniture. Photo 4: Young teen with congenital anomalies requested a cool, specialized bike. Photo 5: A toddler with cornelia de lange syndrome family requested a specialized walker to build leg strength.

Ages 2-92 – We serve individuals in Maryland. If you live outside of Maryland, contact us anyway! We will try our best to help you!

Contact or contact 443-320-4007.

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