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Spotlight IMAGE: Housing Resources

Blog post by Hindley Williams

Researching affordable, accessible, and integrated housing is a difficult and time-consuming process. Here at The IMAGE Center, we work with individuals on identifying their options and advising them on various research opportunities to help broaden their research, keeping their access needs in mind throughout the process.

The IMAGE Center is aware of many housing resources in the community which we would like to spotlight for you. Check out our website!

A Housing Success Story

This consumer was living in a home with rent that was too high for her to afford. In addition, this person’s former living arrangements were becoming unsustainable due to the dirty environment of the property beginning to impact her health. We were able to place this consumer on the Section 811 waiting list, which is an affordable housing program for individuals with disabilities who live on a fixed income. The program can also work with consumers on addressing their access needs. Here is what this consumer shared with us over the phone about her experience in being a new tenant with the Section 811 program!

Quote from housing client about the program.
“The program is great for people who are on Disability and have limited income. The apartments are spacious. They are accessible to people who have mobility issues and use different kinds of devices. I like that they are safe, and I also like that the apartment is hard wired for fire inspections. I also love the fact that it is support animal friendly and it is accessible to different shopping areas.” – Housing Client

Housing Waiting Lists

Here at IMAGE, we act as the case managers to place people on the Section 811 and Weinberg housing waiting lists. These waiting lists are managed by the Maryland Department of Disabilities and are income-based project units scattered throughout the state of Maryland.

Other Housing Options

Not all individuals qualify for these waiting lists, and other callers are not wanting to rent an apartment. Others still want to get on waiting lists, but need to explore more immediate housing solutions in the meantime. To address these community needs, we are also equipped with a wide variety of referrals that we can connect individuals with to ensure that they get the support and information that will best fit their situation. We can connect individuals to a homebuying agency for people with disabilities, shelter referrals, roommate research suggestions, and supportive housing resources.

Reasonable Accommodations

Do you not know where to start to request a reasonable accommodation from your property management company? We assist individuals in drafting reasonable accommodations letters so that they can receive the accommodations they require to increase their independence in the community and maintain their current housing situation. This service is available to any individual in the community who feels they want to submit a reasonable accommodation request.

Who to Contact About Housing?

For more information about our housing resources, please contact or call 443-320-4008.

Please consider donating to help provide these services to more consumers who are seeking safe and affordable housing!

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