IMAGE Live Chat – Monday, May 11th Voting

Update, May 21

Training Opportunity from People on the Go Maryland, Friday May 22nd.

This is a transcript of some of the discussion and the Chat box in our weekly Zoom call.

Thank you to our Special Guests on Voting Issues:

Sharon Manecki – National Federation of the Blind of Maryland.

Ben Jackson – Disability Rights Maryland

Sharon provided an overview of the challenges to voting in Maryland starting in 2016. They have been telling the Board of Elections concerns about the voting process particularly accessibility and privacy protections with regard to the secret ballot.  They have also been working through the legislature and the courts to address it.

This upcoming election, there is a Paper ballot – complete it, sign it and either mail it in, drop it off at the designated locations. If you need an electronic copy, you will need to contact the Board of Elections.

Email will have a link, you’ll get a password and you’ll get the electronic ballot. Then you have to print it out, sign it, drop it off in person or mail it back.

Online Resources:

Transcript from the Chat Section:

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: these are the in person voting locations PDF

From Ben J to Everyone:

From Susie M to Everyone: So, you can fill out the paper ballot and send it back?

From to Everyone: What about plain language

From Ben J to Everyone:

From Me to Everyone: is a non-partisan website that usually breaks down the poll questions and they send out information to candidates

From Mika Wills to Everyone: if you do not belong to a political party, you should not expect to receive anything in the mail for the primary election, correct?

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: when is the very last date to register if you want to vote in the upcoming election?

From Me to Everyone: you can register in person on election day – June 2nd. You have to go in person to one of the polling places.

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: thank you

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: you can register online up until the 27th

From NDeVaughn to Everyone: great! thank you

From Cheryl (she/her) to Everyone: I think Donna is trying to ask a question

From Me to Everyone: If you assist a voter to vote, there’s an affidavit to complete. Try to ensure as much privacy as possible.

From Me to Everyone: Thank you!

From Martin Zimmerman to Everyone: Baltimore county has update for Seniors  food pickup  410 887 2040 for appointment


LIVE CHAT on Monday, April 20 – Independent Living

IMAGE Center LIVE CHAT – Independent Living Skills during COVID Crisis

Monday, April 2020

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

From martin zimmerman to Everyone:

In Baltimore County a number of Libraries now have  free public WiFI and some other options for internet access via Comcast.

Details in the Document here:  wifi-access

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:


From Susie Michaels to Everyone:

Susie Michaels and Jaanine Smith Facebook page: One Voice Recovery Community Center NW. friend us and we’ll invite you in to the page.  Also my phone number is 443.839. 8322 and work e mail is:

Jaanine’s email is

+410.935.6721 is Jaanine’s phone

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

Vanessa has been using doggie pick up bags in place of gloves. She finds it easier to use than getting gloves and off, but they’re convenient, easy to use, and really function as that needed barrier.

From Jaanine S to Everyone:

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

CVS is offering free presciption delivery during the pandemic

From Cheryl to Everyone: for produce pick up

From Kariza Goncalves to Everyone:

I’m not sure if this applies to all prescriptions, such as the ones that need to be refrigerated.

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

Mike noted that all the governors’ press conferences are available to view on CSPAN. Governor Hogan’s are also available on Facebook and YouTube.

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

What can I do to help our community in Baltimore County/city? Volunteer? I am furloughed and have a lot of free time

From Crystal to Everyone:  02:58 PM

Thank you, Cheryl!

Baltimore Votes has offered to run webinars about the vote by mail by request for groups

From Kariza Goncalves to Everyone:  02:58 PM

United Way of Central Maryland is offering different ways to Volunteer during socialize distancing protocols.;=&agency;_id=&county;=&dateOn;=&distance;=&zip;=&need;_impact_area=&need;_init_id=&qualification;_id=&cat;_id=&meta;%5B%5D=&meta;%5B%5D=&meta;%5B%5D=&allowTeams;=&ug;_id=&s=1


From IMAGE Center to Everyone:  03:01 PM

Here’s the Link for Need a Hand/Lend A Hand- District 11

A network of individuals in Baltimore County that are willing to shop and run errands for neighbors.

From Josh Rouch to Everyone:

I read somewhere that Comcast is offering free internet for 60 days for people who can’t afford it

From IMAGE Center to Everyone:

The full information about the free wi fi locations from the Baltimore County library will get posted on the blog. Thanks, Jaanine for bringing that up!

Mike Bullis thanked everyone for calling and participating in the calls and answering questions. Please contact the IMAGE Center with questions or concerns! The office number is 410-982-6311 or via email at

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