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Spotlight IMAGE: Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology, also known as AT, encompasses a wide variety of items and techniques from low-tech such as a cane to high-tech software that can read computer screens. The idea behind Assistive Technology is to increase an individual with a disability’s independence.

The IMAGE Center is home to a variety of Assistive Technology programs that we would like to spotlight for you.

“My child loves photography, music, art, and dance. She is a whiz at doing puzzles, word finds, and CandyCrush. Due to it having cellular ability, she'll be able to listen to music, watch movies, and use her behavioral apps to calm herself down in any setting. Most of all this iPad Pro will allow her to live the life she deserves, and to her fullest potential.”  – J’s Mom.
A quote from J’s mom via email about the impact of the AT purchase program for her daughter.

An AT Success Story:

J is a young woman with autism who participated in the AT purchase program to purchase an Ipad Pro that has helped her communicate, practice her social skills, and decreased her anxiety. Here’s what J’s mother told us in an email!

“Thanks to a grant from The Image Center of Maryland, whom helped my child with disabilities get a grant for an IPad Pro with cellular capabilities. Covid 19 made this process became a little more challenging than expected. But, we made it through! This iPad Pro will help to:

  • greatly enhance her social skills, which will help her to gain confidence while trying to interact and communicate with others.
  • at speech therapy, the device is used for receptive, expressive and pragmatic speech. while working on volume, intonation, and enunciation (articulation) of words.
  • help her to express feelings and recognize emotions in others.
  • help to decrease her behaviors and anxiety through better communication. Text to speech, speech to text, behavioral apps., even YouTube, and whatever else she may need to use.
  • gain knowledge and understanding of health procedures using visuals.
  • help her to follow directions more clearly.
  • used for zoom meetings for various activities.
  • duo allows her to interact with friends that have different mobile devices.
  • research with help for volunteer opportunities.
  • it is also being used to assist with technology research to be used for her very loud voice.

My child loves photography, music, art, and dance. She is a whiz at doing puzzles, word finds, and CandyCrush. This Ipad Pro allows her to bring out her best abilities for her disability, and achieve many goals. Due to it having cellular ability, she’ll be able to listen to music, watch movies, and use her behavioral apps to calm herself down in any setting. So, one can see that it is definitely considered an emergency if it is left home. Most of all this Ipad Pro will allow her to live the life she deserves, and to her fullest potential. Thank you Image Center for making the many challenges in her life a little easier for her to adjust to.”

Assistive Technology Purchase program

The IMAGE Center may be able provide home modifications, vehicle modifications and/or assistive technology services to eligible individuals with significant disabilities when needed to achieve the goal of living independently in the community.

These can include non-work related technology items, home modifications and even vehicle modifications. There is a maximum limit of $5,000 per request. Consumers are responsible for 30% of the project costs.

Learn more about the Assistive Technology Purchase Plan.

Maryland Accessible Telecommunications

The IMAGE Center was pleased to partner with the Maryland Department of Disabilities on the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program to help individuals with hearing difficulties access telecommunications equipment designed to overcome issues with traditional phones. Our staff member works with individuals to identify equipment that best suits the consumer and provides training and follow-up on the equipment.

Shelf and table with a variety of telephones displayed
Various accessible phones on display at the IMAGE Office as part of our Maryland Accessible Telecomummunications program.

Get more information about The Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) more information about our MAT Evaluations, please visit our page or contact

Ramp Loan Program

In a partnership with the Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MD TAP), the IMAGE Center has a selection of temporary ramps that may be borrowed, free of charge, for up to six months. These ramps can fill in while a permanent home modification is being explored or in the event of a temporary need.

Assistive Technology Library

The IMAGE Center is home to a display of various assistive technology including a modified kitchen. Visitors can see various items available and test them out, including a motorized cabinet to help identify optimal heights for cabinets.

Looking in the cupboard
Two IMAGE staff demonstrate the adjustable height cabinet.

Community Lending Library

Partnering with MDTAP, IMAGE is set to be one of the sites of a Community Lending Library of Assistive Technology. Individuals will be able to borrow AT items to evaluate how well they work for the person before making a financial investment for an item of their own!

Who to Contact about AT?

For more information about our AT Programs, please contact: or call 443-275-9395

Donate Now

Please consider a donation to support our Assistive Technology programs. You can visit our webpage to make an online donation or set up a recurring gift! A gift will help us continue to make these services available within our community.

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