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I AM: Monday, April 26

April 26th I AM featured Medical Professionals with expertise in Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) on COVID Vaccines and people with SCI sharing personal vaccine stories.  Join Dr. Judy Stone, Dr. Suzanne Groah and Dr. Terrence Sheehan who will answer questions and give their perspective on the vaccines.  Ian Ruder, Editor New Mobility as well as John Michaels from RFI and Michael Saunders from IN will share their personal experiences as people with SCI who have received the vaccine.

Closed Captioning Transcript of the event

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Getting your shot at the shot! I AM March 15, 2021

Getting your shot at the shot!

Let’s chat about the current state of getting vaccinated in Maryland! Some of the issues facing people with disabilities were discussed in this article from WYPR! What has been your experience?

This week’s I AM will be our latest update. We’ll talk about strategies for getting an appointment.  Don’t miss this informative and provocative look at where we are.

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Getting Vaccinated!

close up picture of a covid-19 vaccine vial being opened
Close up of a COVID-19 Vaccine vial being opened. Photo: Ericha Fitzgerald, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The State of Maryland opened a mass vaccination site at the Baltimore City Convention Center.

Find locations and providers through the State’s vaccine locator tool

If you are over 65 and you live in Baltimore City, you can fill in the interest form and you will be contacted by a Maryland Access Point (MAP) Ambassador when appointments become available. You can also call 410-396-CARE (2273) to reach our MAP Call Center if you are over 65. 

Additional testing links and opportunities to make appointments or request a vaccine include: 

If you live in Baltimore City and are eligible for a vaccine, but WORK in Baltimore County, you may get a vaccine through the County. This will not make an appointment for you but will put you on a list to be emailed as soon as an appointment is available.