What I Wish For My Child

Applications Due April 30

“What I Wish” is an annual campaign where parents, caregivers, teachers, and/or relatives submit custom device “wishes” for children with developmental or cognitive challenges (ages 2-21).  Requests are accepted in early spring through April 30.   Once requests are approved for scope and safety, 1-3 families receive their requests, at no charge – Yes, no charge!  For all other requests, families can still have their wishes granted for a small project fee – far below market price.  For families with income challenges, we work with the families to achieve their goals.  So, submit your request!   Allow us to help make a dream come true! 

Apply by April 30, 5pm.  Tell us your custom “wish” for a child with special needs (ages 2-21) to live and play more independently.  (We also welcome referrals from educators, social workers, and medical professionals).  Our volunteer engineers work hand-in-hand with medical professionals to make dreams come true! 

One – three winners will be selected in August for a FREE custom solution.  All other requests become part of our year-round Custom AT Program. 

If your wish for your child with a disability is a modified bike so he or she can ride with friends, check out our Bike Clinics.

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