Rollator Clinic

Two volunteers work on a rollator

On-The-Spot Repairs to Rollators, Canes, Walkers & Minor Wheelchair Repairs

Rollator Clinics allow our volunteer engineers to make on-the-spot basic repairs at various Expos and Resource Fairs at no cost to clients.  Or, we can also do some repairs by Zoom if a person has someone available who is handy with tools.  Most repairs take 15-30 minutes. 

Repairs include:

  • Rollator Brake repairs
  • Rollator Brake Lever repairs
  • Rollator Tune-ups
  • Cane tip replacements
  • Walker feet replacement
  • Footrest tightening on wheelchairs
  • Oiling squeaky parts on wheelchairs

Contact or call 443-320-4007