Bridges Technical Assistance Center

About Us

Since October 2020, the Free Maryland Bridges Transition Helpdesk for Blind/Low Vision Students has provided a wealth of information and support to four stakeholder groups: Maryland blind/low vision (B/LV) transition-age students, their families, their educators, and their community allies.

Support includes individualized research to provide accurate and thorough responses, one-on-one in-person and online meetings, informal gatherings of stakeholder groups, formal presentations on (B/LV) transition topics, Maryland-specific resources, and weekly “Transition Tips” on our Bridges Blog website.

In January 2023, we changed our name to “Bridges Technical Assistance Center” to better describe our high-quality and directed services. We have maintained our Helpdesk and have added the searchable and accessible Bridges Resource Library. Our growth from a “Helpdesk” to a “Technical Assistance Center” means we can serve our existing stakeholders (Maryland’s blind/low vision transition-age youth, their families, their educators and service providers, and their community allies) better and can reach out to even more stakeholders.

Bridges Resource Library

An accessible and searchable resource library of information, resources, tools, toolkits, and guides to meet the needs of Maryland’s transition-age blind/low-vision students, their families, educators, service providers, and community allies.

Bridges Helpdesk

The Bridges Helpdesk provides accurate, confidential, and prompt responses to questions and requests from Maryland’s secondary transition-age blind/low vision students, their families, their educators, and their community allies. The Helpdesk offers individualized guidance from blindness experts to explore areas of need as well as technical assistance related to the specialized area of accessible assistive technology. In addition to responding to direct queries, we help inquirers explore related issues that might impact them.

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